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Note:  This is an excerpt from a lecture given by Dr. J. Ramsay Hunt at the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association, discussing all the memorable people in the field of neurology.  The description is of the picture of "The Birth of Dolores Adiposa", and a reference to Dr. Francis X. Dercum.  If you want to see the entire lecture (and the rationale behind the creation of these drawings (or slides), refer to 50th Anniversary Lecture

There is however one creation of a distinguished American Neurologist which combines in rare degree pathological beauty and a name of surpassing charm – it is one of our proudest possessions.

Slide: Francis X. Dercum (click here to see the source of the slide)

There she is, the lovely Dolores Adiposa. Observe the lovely maiden as she waddles down the corridors of time, filled with the joy of new found life. Were Dolores not so modest we would examine her more closely, but I can assure those that love to hover over details that dysfunction is present, but as you see it does not disturb the equanimity of the gentle maiden, concealed as it is in the soft folds of her adiposa.

(Credit: This text is from from the ANA Archives, Dorothy Carpenter Medical Archives, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Medical Center Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27157.)

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